Friday, 22 July 2011

Clues and Theories

So, today is CD 17. I had originally thought that I ovulated around day 11. Given the strangeness of my temps over the last few days I had basically figured that I didn't ovulate at all this month. There were two possible times that I could have ovulated, my CF was giving me signs twice. However, the OPK that I took during the run of the second wave of eggwhite CF (that sounds much more disgusting than I meant it), showed that I was not ovulating. So, we have a few possibilities here...

1. I didn't ovulate at all
2. I ovulated around CD11, and the second time was just my body being confused or trying to ovulate a second time
3. the OPK didn't work right for me and I was ovulating later after all.

Here is the new evidence that I can add to all of this...

1. yesterday I had some slight cramping in the morning in the front of my uterus - yeah, after all the biopsies I have a very keen sense of where my uterus is
2. today there is a slightly pinkish tint to my CF

So here is what I want to believe. Given that I may have ovulated on CD 11, and yesterday would have been 6 DPO, it may have been slight implantation cramping that I experienced. The pinkish tint to the CF could be a bit of implantation spotting.

That is what I want to believe. It's probably not true, but it's what I want to be true.

I'm probably completely wrong.



Well, it could be two things: ovulation spotting or implantation bleeding. The cramping makes me think it's the latter. Either way, I think it's a good sign!


yes, I'd definitely prefer the latter, but at this point, knowing that the former was happening would be a great relief.

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