Friday, 8 July 2011


Yup, I'm bored. One would think that after 10 months of being in the classroom, I would be dying for a break, but nope. I had a week off so far and I'm already ready to be back at work. I think that they way that they do it in New Zealand (from what I've heard) may be perfect for me... two months of school, two weeks off, and repeat. I've already started planning next year which is stupid because it's another 8 weeks away, but I'm just that bored. I've played all the video games that I have, I have done my best to avoid housework, but it may be the only option left. *sigh* My acupuncturist said yesterday that maybe I should get all of my school planning done now, and then when everyone else is rushing to get planned I would be done. Not a bad idea...

Speaking of acupuncture, I went for another treatment yesterday. It went well and she's sure that it's working. I have to say with no PMS and now I've discovered no cramps this cycle, I am thinking that she may be a god! I have never had a cycle without cramps... with the exception of the two that I had after I went off of the pill. Then it was all back to bad cramping. The fact that this cycle had no cramping was amazing to me.

After my treatment yesterday, I struggled as usual to get up from the table. I said how the table was always hell on my back. My acupuncturist suggested that I book in for a chiropractic treatment (she is also a chiropractor) in one of the next few weeks when I get my acupuncture done.

I've always been scared of chiropractic. Something about cracking your bones just doesn't seem to be natural. That being said, I have no doubt that your body can get out of alignment. I agreed to do the treatments because everything else I've tried for my back hasn't worked, and perhaps she can help. I trust her - so far her treatments have worked, so I'm willing to give it a shot. Lots of people I know have used chiropractic, and it has worked for them. I've always tried to keep an open mind when it comes to alternative treatments - so why should this be any different.

My appointment is booked for the 21st, so we'll see how that goes - I'm a bit nervous about it, but hopefully it will work.



I love Shyla. :)

I hope the chiropractic works for you!

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