Wednesday, 20 July 2011

More Confusion

Well, it's raining like crazy outside. It's like someone opened a faucet in the sky and every 10 minutes or so it just pours for about two minutes. It's so bad that the downspout fell off the house! :S

So, anyway, today has been a laundry day. I have a bunch of relatives coming to visit and last summer when we moved back into our house (long story there) I piled all the clothes that I didn't know what to do with onto the spare bed in the basement. Well, obviously we don't get a lot of company here, because Mt. Laundry still exists. So, today I went down and started sorting Mt. Laundry... so that's a positive. I'm making headway on the cleaning. Not sure I will get it all done, but hopefully I can get enough finished to make the house look decent enough for guests.

So, this morning, I woke up - my back is much better... thankfully.

And my temp has spiked above the coverline. Good right? Yeah, except the OPK that I"ve done in the last three days have said clearly negative. urgh. I just don't know what the hell is going on. At least there is a spike - I should be happy about that. I still wonder if I didn't ovulate earlier, and the mess with being away from home, not in my own house messed me up. Who knows... I think that my body is just trying to make me crazy!



Do you have a link to your chart?

I know that travel can sometimes mess things up. TCOYF rejected one of my temps while I was on vacation because it was so wonky.

I'm also wondering if the OPKs just aren't picking up your ovulation. I've heard that for some strange reason, they don't work for some women.


for some reason my charts are not uploading - they say they have, but they won't show up when I go to the link. I'll post the link if I get it working.


finally got it to work.

here is my chart for this current cycle.

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