Monday, 11 July 2011

Apparently kids are the worst thing that can happen!

So, according to my Facebook, it appears that having kids ends your life as you know it and makes everyday impossible to live through.

Seriously, my friend who have kids seem to do nothing but complain about their kids and how hard it is to deal with them and parent.

Today alone I've had the following status updates showing up...

"to all my new parent friends, enjoy the first few days, then it becomes an endless cycle of eating and pooping and crying... that's it!"

"today is a parenting day that can only be fixed by copious amounts of wine"

"what the hell is wrong with my child? He's a menace - seriously, he's just bad"

"so tired and annoyed. why did I have kids"

"god my kids is noisy - why the hell won't she just shut up"

"wish I never had kids - can't even watch my tv shows in peace"

Now, I realise that kids are a lot of work, and not everyday is a day in the park with happy, smiling, cute kids, but honestly??? I could understand if these statuses were made on occasion by the odd person - everyone gets frustrated right? But these status updates were made by people who spend most of the time on Facebook complaining about their kids and how horrible their lives are since having kids.

One of my friends wrote this the other day:

"I love my son, I really do. And I know that I am blessed to have him, but man he's making me crazy today"

I appreciated her comment in that he was driving her a bit nuts, but she rarely complains about him and she does recognize that she's lucky to have him.

I have to say that I didn't really notice these kinds of statuses before we started to have fertility issues. I'm sure that they were there, but then I wasn't really noticing. It's kind of like noticing all the pregnant women out there. I know that they were everywhere before, but now I notice them everywhere. *sigh*

It just really bugs me when people complain incessantly about their kids. I'm sure they have their reasons, but for me it's another slap in the face that people who are lucky enough to have kids are not appreciating what they have.

Just wanted to rant about that for a while...



I totally agree with you--these statuses are uncalled for! I'm a parent thru adoption, and yes, kids are tough sometimes, but the good so completely outweighs the hard parts, and I really never feel the need to publicly whine about the child I'm so blessed to have! And seriously, if their kids are so awful, I kinda feel like that's their fault--we have some friends whose kids are just out of control, but you can clearly see how the parenting is causing that. It's not the kids' fault! I'd probably unfriend a few of the folks you listed, but that's just me :)

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