Thursday, 28 July 2011

Pain Free? Really??

I'm shocked. I have no pain in my lower back. Seriously, I think that my acupuncturist/chiropractor might be using some sort of magic on me. I don't really care mind you - I love that I have no pain.

For the past 8 weeks I've been going to her for acupuncture treatments. Every time I lay on the table my back starts hurting and it hurts the entire time I'm laying there and for several hours afterward. I have complained nearly every time. Two weeks ago, she suggested that I try chiro for it. I've never had much faith in chiro, but thought, why not. Last week was my first treatments. This week she did a treatment before the acupuncture. And then the big test....

I laid on the table... no pain. I stayed there for 20 minutes... no pain. Pain-free!! The whole time. While she did the chiro, she did some acupressure treatments too. God, that hurt! I've been having some aching in my left leg, which she attributed to my lower back. She checked the right leg and said it had some stuff off too. She started doing pressure treatment on it and it actually hurt. When she moved to the left leg I said that it didn't hurt as much as the right one when she pressed on it. Right after I said that, it started hurting when she pushed. I made a comment about her pushing harder, and we both starting giggling so hard that she had to stop. I really like her. I'm going to be sad when she goes on Mat. Leave in October. Every time I find a doctor that I like they seem to get pregnant... what's up with that??

Anyway, I still have some aching in my leg, but nothing that I can't handle. And my back feels great! Sleeping on the crappy beds at my in-laws this weekend will be the true test of the back.

I bought a pregnancy test, but I'm still not sure if I should take it. It says that it can detect 5 days prior to your period, which could potentially be right now. If I have a 28 day cycle, then I'd be fine (i'm CD24 right now), but if I have a 36 day cycle like last month then I'd be way too early. I just don't know what to do. Honestly, I'll probably test tomorrow and if it's negative, wait and test again if I'm extra late. I don't want to be disappointed, but I don't want to wait either.


On the gramma front - I talked to her tonight and she said she's not feeling any worse, so that's a bonus. I wonder if the doctor did the right tests. He apparently did a blood test for Sodium, Potassium, and Chloride. All of which leads me to think that he's thinking electrolyte imbalance. Today she said she was doing a load of laundry (because the damned laundry needed to be done today apparently), and she got light-headed. She ate a cookie and felt better she said... so what does that mean? I wonder about blood sugar. If these tests showed nothing and she has to have more, then it will be another week or more before she can get in to see him. I mean, honestly, it's not like the tests cost her money, just do a complete and find out what's wrong with the woman. But, she did say that her neighbour is going to take her downtown for groceries tomorrow (and coffee) so she sounded happy about that... maybe that's a good sign. Thank goodness she's got awesome neighbours. I live two hours away from her and it bugs me that I can't just run over and check on her. She's lived in that house for 34 years and most of her neighbours have been there around 30 years as well, so it's a nice little community. Also, her neighbours are my mother's age, so they are able to help her out - which is also nice.



I hope the doctors can figure out what's going on with your grandma soon.

I'm in denial that Shyla will be leaving us for a year. I think we should just both get pregnant before she goes on mat leave!


OK, I'm good with that. But what do I do while pregnant - she said that she thought I should continue acupuncture during pregnancy - she said it is not typical, but she thinks that my situation warrants it. I have another friend who also sees her who is in denial as well. :)

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