Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The fun continues

So my temps today continue to be at my normal range, and I have more eggwhite CF than I've ever had before... but I took an OPK both yesterday and today, and both said negative. I just don't know what the hell is going on.

Today I had to run to the store to pick up more water. Our water here is nasty... very nasty. As in it is brown! Apparently the town has gotten the water checked and it's safe to drink, but it's so high in iron that it's really not. While technically safe, if you drink it it tastes awful and it's prone to make you either constipated or gives you diarrhea. Like I said, it's nasty. So, I realised that we were out of water in our water cooler. We buy water (typically filling up jugs at Walmart - they have a Culligan dispenser and are pretty cheap). But, Walmart is over an hour away and we won't be there until Thursday, so there wasn't much choice... pay big dollar to buy a jug of water at the local store. So I went there today, but in the fun of it all, long story short, I pulled out my back lifting the damned jug. Normally, they get the water and put it in the car for a person...but this time they just sent me into the back to get it. So i picked it up and I felt the pain. So now I can barely move.

I have a houseful of guests coming on Saturday for my grandmother's birthday party and about 20 more coming on Sunday for the party... so I need to clean the place up. It would be great, and I could do it, except I can't fucking move!!!

I want to fill my body with drugs and just power through, BUT... what if I'm actually pregnant - it's possible, despite my messed up temps that I did ovulate and that there is a fertilized egg hanging around in there. So I'm afraid to take anything stronger than Tylenol, and I don't even want to take that.

So I sit here in pain and hope that it's only temporary, but I have a feeling this might be long lived.

At least I have an accupuncture and an chiropractic appointment on Thursday - but that's still two days away.



Boooo. Sucky. :(

I think you should get Mark to give you a massage!

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