Wednesday, 27 July 2011

still waiting

Big sigh in this department.

Here's where we are right now...

If I did ovulate the day before my first big temp spike (which is the most likely time given my temps and CF) then I ovulated somewhere between CD9 and CD11. Given that, I'm 14 DPO tomorrow. I had cramping on CD17, and light spotting (more like pinkish CF) on CD 18. It fits that that would be implantation if I ovulated when I think I did. So that puts me about 8 days past implantation (hopefully)

At this point, I don't know how soon I could test. I want to run out tomorrow when I'm in the city and buy a test. If I buy one where I live then the whole town will have my pregnant and the whole town will know about it. So I want to buy one and take it tomorrow, but I don't want to get a false negative, and frankly, don't want to waste the test (they aren't cheap after all).

I've had a headache everyday for the past week - which I hope is a sign of pregnancy, or I'll just be annoyed that I've been fighting these headaches - I guess I want them to be for a reason. My husband is a bit concerned that if I am pregnant that I will be fighting headaches for 9 months. I told him that that's ok, because in the end I'll have a baby out of it - and that I better get good Mother's Day gifts out of it. So far the headaches have been mild in comparison to what I've dealt with in the past. I've been controlling them with low doses of Tylenol. I've avoided all the prescription and stronger meds that I have for headaches because I am afraid that I'm pregnant and don't want to risk it.

So far I haven't noticed any other straight out symptoms.

So, right now, I'm just waiting.


In other news, my grandmother is fighting some sort of strange illness. About 10 days ago, she started to feel bad. She couldn't eat (physically couldn't get food down) and couldn't sleep at all. So she got really worn down. After about 3 days she started being able to eat, but the sleep hasn't been so good. She's really weak which worries me. We had the birthday party for her, which was good. She enjoyed it and liked seeing everyone. She actually felt pretty good the next day, but the day after that was tough for her. She was really tired. She's been for blood tests and ECGs, but can't get in to see her doctor until August 3, so until then she just waits. She is moving really slowly. I know at the age of 85 she's bound to slow down, but I don't think that she should slow down all of a sudden. Until two weeks ago she was vibrant and lively and doing all sorts of things for herself - now she's spending her time sitting in her chair or napping. I'm very worried. I hope it's an easy fix.


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