Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Another Step Forward

I took a big step today. I called the Adoption Services people in my province and told them that we wanted to get on the list for domestic adoption. In this province, there are no private agencies. There is a non-profit that deals with the initial information sessions, etc, then when they decide you're ready, they will refer you for the ministry (department) of Social Services to start your initial intake and home studies, etc.

I had been given the idea that we needed to go for information sessions and an intake interview with the non-profit, but after talking to them today they said that they would just mail out the info and that we read it, then they send out more info - including a letter of intent. When they get the letter back, they refer to the ministry, and within 14 days a social work assigned to your case calls to arrange a ministry intake. Then the fun begins. It can take a year to 18 months to get cleared to be on the list, then it's all a waiting game.

Right now, we're pretty set on an infant. I'd be willing to take one up to 3 months, but would ideally like a newborn. I don't care about race or gender. All I want is a healthy baby. In this province it's a long wait if you want a healthy infant. To be honest, there are a lot of crack-addicted babies, and a lot with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, but I'm not at the point where I want to deal with that. I deal with kids like that all day long, and as much as I would love my child, I'm not in the place where I want to deal with something that someone else caused. If the child I adopt has diabetes or gets some other type of condition or disease that needs special care, I'll deal with it... but something like FAS, no. It may sound harsh, but that's where we're at.

So, now I"m going to be checking the mail incessantly waiting for the mailout from these people. I'm hoping I can pick up the second package of info during the week after Easter when I'm in the big city. It would save time. They said that depending on how quickly we do up our paperwork and go through the package, we could be referred in as quickly as a week. Basically, given the mailing timeline, etc, we could be assigned to a caseworker at the ministry by the end of April! The chances of getting chosen quickly after being approved are limited. It can take 7-10 years for an infant, but it can also be 7 -10 weeks. It's all up to the birth mother. There has to be some irresponsible teenager out there who would love two teachers to raise her child... right?? I hope!

So that's where we're at with that. I'm kinda excited.

On the TTC front... my temp dropped slightly which makes me a bit crazy! tomorrow I'm off to a conference and then to my brother's for the weekend, so there will be no baby-makin' going on this weekend. I'm pretty sure that I didn't ovulate this cycle. My ovaries were working away, but I think that they didnt' actually release an egg. At least I know that I need the trigger. It still pisses me off. I'm still waiting on the call from the OB/GYN about my biopsy - it's been three weeks... this waiting is WAY worse than the TWW.



Gosh! How could they not contact you for three weeks after a biopsy???? I can only hope that it means good news and that they would have called quickly if there had been something to really worry about. I completely understand the stance on handicaps. Taking care of kids all day, we do not have the extra energy to willingly take on something of that magnitude. We would deal with it if we gave birth to the child, but I know that I could not choose a special needs child. Some birth moms are teens but I read somewhere that a number of them are in their 20's with one or more kids already and want a better life for the new one. :-)


I think this is a good move. Progress is progress.


Of course there's someone out there who would want two teachers to raise their baby! I hope she comes along for you guys soon. :)

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