Monday, 19 March 2012


AF and spotting finally stopped.

I'm in a miserable mood.

CD 11 and no positive OPK yet... expecting to see one on CD 13 or 14 if the last round of Clomid was to be believed.

Starting to stress about the biopsy results... had a revelation today that it wasn't just two possible results (the same or better) there was those third and fourth results that I hadn't considered (worse and cancer). I had a meltdown tonight about it.

Also had a meltdown tonight when my dear friend Facebook told me that another one of my friends is expecting... that's the third announcement in three weeks on FB... might have to stop looking.

Also had a related meltdown about how all of my friends with kids have basically pushed me away as the social outcast as they do stuff together all the time and I'm just not invited because it's about the kids. That would be great except that's basically the only time the girls I went to university with get together. It's like when I failed to have a child, I was no longer accepted. Just another club that I can't be part of... and it really hurts. :(



When do you get your biopsy results? Was Dr. B going to contact you about them no matter what?

I'm sorry it was such a rough day for you. If you ever want to vent, you know how to reach me.


Hugs hun, so sorry you are feeling down. It sucks to feel left out of the club. I don't know what to suggest, it is not like we want to have to beg to be let in to the club even though we don't have the membership card. Man it just sucks. I think it is understandable and absolutely justifiable to be upset by that. I just wish folks would think about how their actions affect others a bit more.

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