Thursday, 15 March 2012


Quick update...

Right ovary is hurting - fairly consistent small stabs. Left ovary is stabbing in and off. My hope is that it means they are both getting to work. Don't much care for the discomfort though.

AF won't go away. It's not heavy but it's enough to be a bother. CD 7 and It seems to be stopping and starting. If this cycle is like the last Clomid cycle, I should be looking to ovulate around CD 12 or 13. If AF doesn't stop soon, it's going to make it pretty tough to time "things" properly.

On top of it, I'm angry - just feeling serious anger about everything - TTC related and otherwise. My brain is fuzzy too.

I actually just sat down in my hallway and cried at one point today... I am just so tired and so lacking hope and optimism :(


Crystal Bernard

I'm sorry you are having such a tough day. ((hugs)) I would start using opk's once you get to cd 9 :) that way you can catch ovulation surge. When I take Letrozole it makes my period about 10-11 days long, the last part is not heavy but there if ya know what I mean. I hate the "angry" feelings that come along with TTC. Cheers to a better tomorrow!!


It really sucks! I hope that your hubby was there to give you a giant hug and comfort you as you cried. Remember that some of the sadness can be clomid-related. So try to take it easy on yourself and do something to make you smile (even if no one else thinks of it).


Blame the clomid! That stuff had me bursting into tears for absolutely no reason.

I hope AF stops soon. If she doesn't, you could always look into the turkey-baster method. :)

A Shadow of My Former Self

I am also sorry you are struggling right now. I hope you are feeling better soon. Damn medications!

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