Tuesday, 13 March 2012

So tired and sore

Today's photo challenge will have to wait for tomorrow. I had this amazing idea and since we had such a busy day at school today, I forgot to bring home what I needed. The photo involves my cats (yes, again, but I promise after this to not put them in too many more times) but it should be awesome!! I hope.

So, we took the kids skiing today. The whole school - with the exception of a few who didn't have permission - piled onto busses and headed to the local ski hill. I spent the day sitting on a hard bench talking with kids and supervising... I don't ski! It's dangerous for me and everyone around me (probably more dangerous for them than me). I don't have a good relationship with gravity or with slippery surfaces, so I avoid the hills.

It was a mostly good day - long, and my back is sore from the benches.

Oh, and I was accused of not having good work ethic by another teacher because I was choosing to chat with students and interact with them instead of having my nose stuck in my marking. It was noisy in there and I can't concentrate with lots of noise anyway! So, I figured that talking with the kids was the best option. Apparently by doing this I was unprofessional and not showing a good work ethic! I was really upset initially but now... well... Yeah, well fuck off! I was forming relationships with the students and building trust. I'll get my marking done, I've always had my marks in when they needed to be. The kids are all comfortable talking to me and even crying on my shoulder when they need it. I have boys in highschool who regularly come and spill their guts. I have highschool students who are in hard shells who come for advice and "just to talk". I have middle-years girls who hate on every teacher who smile when they come into my class. To me that screams success and if I choose to take time away from school to interact and continue to build those relationships, well, that's my choice. Don't tell me that I don't have a good work ethic. Work isn't just about marking. And just to add this... I have more years of university education behind me than this particular teacher has been out of highschool. I have several university degrees and am planning on going back for my Masters next year... I took a 36 credit units (that's more than most students take in a whole year in university) in only five months, while I worked 40+ hours a week - and I got 90s in every class.

That's work ethic... not ignoring everyone around you while you get your fucking marking done!



You absolutely did the right thing! Would they suggest to their students that a noisy distracted place was the right place to do an important exam, or homework? I would hope not. Far more important to gain trust and build relationships. What a wally.


Screw the "work ethic" teacher! 1)He or she is completely clueless. 2) Much better to spend the time with the kids than with papers (even if you had been able to concentrate- I never can). 3) and it might be my poor work ethic, I hate to be one of the few teachers at assemblies who are paying attention to the kids. Yes, we all have grading and yes, it is a pain in the butt (and I am constantly behind), but when the kids are there, we should be paying attention to them. They need to know that someone is there listening to them and watching them and caring about them. So SCREW the fart who wants to tell you how you should handle yourself on a fieldtrip.

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