Monday, 19 March 2012

March Photo Challenge - Days 16-18

Round two to catch up (well not completely, I still don't have today's picture ready to go)

Day 16 - prompt: morning

I HATE MORNINGS! Seriously, hate them! I'm not a morning person, and generally it's better for the world around me if I can stay in bed until at least 10. But alas, I chose the profession of teaching and they don't like it when you don't make it to your morning classes... so I trudge through. This picture is my morning "make me pretty" routine. I don't typically go out of the house without makeup (unless I"m sick, then anyone who comments is going to hear about it anyway). It looks like a lot of stuff, but it only takes me about five minutes to get ready so it's not too bad.

Day 17 - prompt: green

To some of you this might not seem that green, but to me, it's amazing! In the middle of March we're experiencing spring and summer temperatures. Usually we don't see this view from the front window until well into May, so this is just awesome. Nearly all the snow is gone from our yard - we're usually still having to deal with blizzards and snowblowers, but this year it's been insanely warm... and I like it!

Day 18 - prompt: stretch

Ok, I promise, no more cat pictures. I've overdone it. I can't help it. They are always around and I have nothing else to focus on. I could give you a picture of my stack of marking - that's always around too. Anyway, this boy just has no fear at all. He goes to sleep and stretches out as much as he can, snoring away. I always thought that cats were supposed to protect their stomachs... but not this guy - guess he expects me to protect it for him



Ooooh I just want to pick that cat up for a cuddle. I get so much dog and cat envy surfing these blogs. Kitt will not cave. I want puddy tat cuddles!!!

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