Wednesday, 14 March 2012


It's so nice here that we actually opened up the BBQ tonight and cooked up burgers.

I love the smell of BBQ - it just reminds me of those nights, sitting outside with friends/family, and enjoying the summer. Where I live, summer can be fleeting, so you have to enjoy it while you can. Since I became a teacher, enjoying summer got a bit easier, I admit, but I have always loved a nice summer night. Oh oh, now I have a song from Grease running through my head.

Anyway, hubby cooked up burgers (which, as I suspected, were freezer-burned and did not taste all that great), and I fried up the onions and peppers and mushrooms, and got the tomatoes and cheese and lettuce ready to go.

In the end, even though the burgers themselves did not taste great (I ended up taking mine off the bun completely), the smell of BBQ was in the air and the sandwich tasted amazing!

I know to some of you this seems odd, but for our area, having consistent temps above 10 degrees Celcius (50 Fahrenheit) in March is unheard of. We nearly have all the snow from our yard gone - and it's early March!! We're actually talking at school about starting practice for track and field since the field is going to be clear by Easter! Totally unheard of.

On a TTC note, the Clomid is making me mental. I have bad headaches that set in around 1 pm (just in time to get me to my 4th period class) and they last for the rest of the day. I'm exhausted too! I don't know why that is. I suspect a B12 or iron deficiency - I have an appointment next week to find out the blood test results from my GP. The other possibility is thyroid (which was also checked). I don't want to think that something isn't right, but at least if I know then I can fix it. And it's not like I haven't had iron and B12 deficiencies before. I figure with my family history it's only a matter of time before a thyroid problem pops up. Besides that, I'm so absent minded - I think I nearly forgot my own name today! Seriously, I got 10 minutes from home this morning when I said to hubby "why is everything so blurry today" He laughed and said "the world isn't blurry, did you remember you contacts?". Nope, didn't. Completely forgot them. Thankfully I had my glasses in the car! What a disaster!

AF is still sticking around. CD 6 at this point. One more day of Clomid tomorrow. My temps are higher this month - they are what I would have considered really high in the past cycles. Hovering at around 36.5 C (97.7 F). Previously, my normal temps were hanging around 35.8 C (96.4 F). According to the internet, anything below 36 degrees is borderline hypothermia... that's a good way to spend your life right? I just hope that in about ten days I get a big jump in temp that stays that way.

I hate waiting.



We had our first BBQ at the weekend too! It was so lovely to feel like the warmer weather is heading our way. On Sunday we were able to sit out the whole day in the sun. I hope you have a big jump that stays too!


Waiting does suck!!! Even though we're not talking snow (much to my dissatisfaction because of missed snow days), they are talking about 80 degrees here in March. I like Spring not Summer in march.


That's too funny about your forgetting to put in your contacts. :)

Those ARE high temps! They'd be high even for me. Did you find that you were hotter than normal the last time you took clomid?

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