Monday, 12 March 2012

Craziness and Insanity

I'm in a horrible mood today. I found the last time that the Clomid gave me sore breasts and anger. We're talking suddenly snapping anger. Today it wasn't horrible - it was sitting on the edge, just teetering into the abyss of pure anger. So today was tough. I was trying all day to stay calm enough not to snap.

Then the fit hit the shan! I won't get into specifics, because, well, I"m not supposed to, but there was a threat. A student left a serious threat in the school. It was pretty serious.

So all hell broke loose. The kids were freaked out, teachers were freaked out, admin was surprisingly calm.

We're pretty sure at this point that it was a sick joke or a reaction to a punishment, but nobody wants to play it down too much for fear that it might be true. So everyone's a bit on edge.

I had a group of high school kids staying after school for an extra-curricular, and instead of doing what we were supposed to, we had a long heart-to-heart about what was going on and how they felt. They all said they felt better having talked about it. One of their big concerns was what would happen if someone went on a rampage at the school - one girl said "in my last school we had to do two lock-downs, and when I heard about all of this I thought, wow, they don't even know how to do a lock-down here". I assured her that we do have procedures and that the teachers are trained. It made her feel better.

I wish I could say more about it, but confidentiality means that I can't.

Suffice to say, I'm a bit shaken tonight and hoping that it really was just a sick joke.



Oh geez. Clomid is bad enough on its own. I can't imagine having the clomid crazies along with such a scare at work.

I hope everything will be ok and that it was just a very sick joke.


I pray that it is all just a sick joke- even as I pray that the one on the the net right now where the kid threatened violence which "would make national news" is just anger and hurt and not really intended for follow through. It has gotten so much worse over the years I've been teaching. (Columbine happened in my fourth year of teaching.) When I was in school, kids would mouth off that they were going to burn down the school but we knew they wouldn't. Now we can't be as sure. I'm sorry you're dealing with the extra anxiety right now.


MN - yeah, it's a bit scary. We don't have nearly the fear in Canada I don't think. We have had very few school shootings, etc, but I think that we start to become complacent with our security a bit. The police were at school today, freaking out some of the kids. And all I can say is that the threat that was at our school would have definitely made national news if it went ahead! scary stuff... they really don't pay us enough for this!

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