Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Big Day

I'll post my photo challenge pic a bit later. For the moment, I need to talk about tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the big day. Not a birthday, not a wedding, not even a payday... it's biopsy day.

I had initially had my biopsy scheduled for the 14th. A couple of weeks ago I recalculated where I would be on my cycle on the 14th and it was going to be at the beginning of a new cycle. That wouldn't work. Dr. B wants to do the biopsy near the end of a cycle. So, I called the office and explained my situation to the receptionist. She was awesome. She said that Dr. B is only in on Wed and Thurs this week, but that they would just have to fit me in, because it was a time sensitive thing.

I hated the idea of waiting for three hours to get in, but it has to be done... so I took the 4:20 appointment.

I booked a dentist appointment for that day earlier - so two fillings and a biopsy nearly back to back... fun fun fun.

Today, after work, I noticed that the office had called me. I decided to call back since they were still open. The receptionist told me that there had been a cancellation of a C-section, so could I come for 11:45. She said that the morning was pretty quiet so they should be able to get me in quickly.

So now the biopsy is changed to 11:45, and I have a dentist appointment at 1. Talk about all the pain in one big lump.

I'm terrified that this biopsy is going to go badly. First of all the pain is always ridiculously intense and the only advice I get is to "take some Advil" which is great but I'm allergic. So there's that to look forward to.

Then there is the waiting for the results. Luckily, Dr. B calls with results, so hopefully she gets them back quickly. I don't have a lot of faith that the medroxy has worked... I hope so, but I don't have a lot of faith that it did.

If it didn't work, then we're back to more months of the medroxy - and maybe a D&C to clear it out first. That's what worries me. THe last time I had a D&C first so the medroxy worked great. This time I was starting with an 11 mm lining and then starting the medroxy.

God I hope it works. I just want to get back to trying again - the waiting kills me.



Yikes. I do not envy you the day you're having today! I hope things don't turn out to be as painful as they have been in the past. And I'm praying with all my might that your results come back ok and you can start trying again. If you have time, text me to let me know how things went!

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