Sunday, 25 March 2012


So, again, a negative OPK today. My temps dropped to the lowest it has been this month. The ovarian pain has stopped, and my CM has started to dry up. I'm thinking that either my body didn't ovulate without the trigger, but went through the motions, or it did and the OPK just didn't pick it up. If I did ovulate, we did everything possible to ensure that pregnancy could occur... I guess we'll find out. Who knows, maybe tomorrow will be the day. All the info says that on Clomid ovulation typically occurs from 7-10 days after the last pill - that would make today the 10th day. Of course, it also says that some people can be outside of that norm and can ovulate a lot later. So, who knows. The EWCM has gone away, so it makes me think that the chance of ovulation still happening is pretty slim.

So frustrated.


Toni Rapp

I can completely understand your frustration. I was on clomid for six months and not once did I get a positive on my ovulation tests. Of course when I started clomid I wasn't currently being seen by a RE.


I never had any results from clomid. Are you being monitored at all?


The first time I was on Clomid I got a pos OPK the day I had the trigger shot - but I'm not doing the shot this month, so maybe my body isn't actually going to release the egg.


I'm not being monitored this month. I'm kind of in a limbo while waiting on biopsy results, so decided to try to do the Clomid on my own without tracking rather than wasting a cycle completely - just in case the biopsy comes back clear. If it comes back bad, then I wouldn't be able to get pregnant anyway (lining issues) but if it is good, then missing this month of trying would really bother me. If it's good and I don't get a BFP this month, we'll be back to being monitored and doing trigger shots next month. I know that the Clomid works because I can feel my ovaries acting up - something that never happens without Clomid. In October, 50 mg of Clomid produced 1 good follicle and several smaller ones - triggered on CD 12 and ovulated on CD 13.


Ok lady, while you wait, go see The Hunger Games! I promise, it will be the same as your Harry Potter experience. You will love it!


And yet your temp is still low. Keep testing I guess.


Hmmmm. It sounds like maybe your body was trying to ovulate but it hasn't happened yet. I hope you see a temperature increase this morning!


There was times the OPKs just didn't show positive for me sometimes. The doctors at my IVF clinic said that can happen.. And that even when they tested them at the clinic, with ultrasounds also, that sometimes the OPKs wouldn't show positive, but with the u/s they could verify it.
I hope you ovulated and got the best of it!

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