Thursday, 29 March 2012

I Need Help

Ok, I'm throwing it out to all of you - you are, after all, the experts in cycles and TTC.

I have no idea what's going on this cycle. I'm putting my chart below so that you can take a look and give me some feedback.

I apologize for the chart coming out so small, but if you click on it, you can get it enlarged.

The rule-of-thumb was applied by TCOYF, not by me. I might be inclined to apply it to CD 17 instead - showing a rise in temp and it staying slightly higher, although never above the coverline.

The coverline is what is really messing me up. I have very low BBTs, Dr. Internet (stole this term from another blogger - love it!) says that my typical BBTs are borderline hypothermic... isn't that nice. My temps at the start of my cycle were a lot higher than usual. Typically, my start of cycle temps are what you are seeing around CD 12. I'm not sure why they were so high - I'm blaming the Clomid.

Anyway, I'm inclined to say that I possibly ovulated on CD15 or CD 16. The big reason is that my ovaries stopped hurting. Up to that point I was having some massive ovary pain... and on CD 15 I could barely sleep because of the pain. Then I woke up on CD 16 had a few twinges and it all stopped by mid-morning. The majority of the pain was in the middle of the night - it actually woke me up at one point.

If I did ovulate then, then the strange pains I've been having today make sense - could be implantation. They aren't cramping, per se, but rather weird twisting feelings - as if something is pushing against my uterus - not pinching, not cramping. Hard to explain. Always in the same spot too. High up, on the right side. I'm really hoping that it's implantation, but if I did ovulate on CD 15 or 16, then the timing would be right, but I'm looking at not being able to test til Easter weekend.

So, anyway, let me know what you think. You are experts, let's hear it! :)



No suggestions just good wishes!


Sorry to say that I don't know much about temping and how clomid effects it. I am KMFX that you are right and you get your BFP!


I used fertilty friend, so I am not sure about your chart above. Although when I used clomid I had high temps at the begininng of my cycle, but never so high as to throw off my chart like it looks likes your's is. Your chart looks "backwards" if that makes sense. I don't have much advice....sorry


You are right... It does look backward!!!

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