Saturday, 17 March 2012

Still Going

WARNING: This post is going to cross serious lines of too much information! Enter at your own risk. :)

AF won't go away.

TMI time. All day, all I get is a couple of spots on a pad, but each time I wipe the paper is covered in bright red. So frustrating. I just want it to stop. This spot spot spot is ridiculous. I've done an internet search which has turned up nothing - and I'm the queen of the internet searches... if it can be found, I find it. Apparently nobody has ever had this problem? I doubt that. Maybe it's not the medication, maybe my body is just messed up.

I took an OPK today, because I figured if the last time I ovulated on CD 13, then I should probably start doing them on today or tomorrow. So I figured, why not today... just in case. Negative of course, but I kinda expected that.

Seriously, Jenny's suggestion of the turkey baster method may be our only hope this month if things don't change soon. Someone had suggested that a shower immediately before might work since water tends to shut things down for some reason, at least for a little bit. I know that some women don't mind doing the deed while having their period, but it creeps me out a bit. There are some things that he just doesn't need to be part of... if you know what I mean. A couple of years ago, when I was having a lot of problems (as in always bleeding for seven months straight), I had a couple of days of nothing - we took advantage of that obviously. In the middle of you-know, hubby says "um, so, yeah, you have stuff going on here". I was mortified. I ran to the bathroom and cried for about 45 minutes. So, yeah, the idea of just working through it is not an option.

It's so freakin' frustrating! Finally to the point where there might be hope and I'm still bleeding! Make it stop... somebody make it stop. I figure we have about four more days before ovulation... it needs to stop soon!!!! sigh



Peg, honey, this is so frustrating. It is totally insane what the desire to be mothers will put us through. Have you called the doc about the constant spotting, etc.? As for hubby, I'm sorry, if he knows how stressed out you are about fooling around "when", he should have been a gentleman and not commented. He seriously deserves a cuff to the ear or something. His comment has only made your mental discomfort worse. I'm so sorry!

Crystal Bernard

How frustrating - I'm so sorry :| I hope it stops soon so that you don't miss "O" time... Good Luck Girl and maybe we can all do an AF Rain-Dance to bring an end to your AF's overextended visit.



@Crystal I like the idea of the rain dance lol

@MN I should clarify that at the point when hubby said that, things had just gotten wonky and we hadn't been dealing with it much. He didn't realize how I would react. He actually sat outside the door trying to convince me that it wasn't a big deal. He doesn't really have issues with it, it's all me lol.

I just want the spotting to end :(


Sorry you are dealing with this. I feel frustrated a lot too that it seems there is always something messing with our ability to spend some 'alone time' together. If it's not one thing, it's another. Our sex life has been a mess for over a year.
I really hope that AF goes away before ovulation time. That would make sense I think, but who knows with our bodies. I know you have issues with sex during spotting, but you may have to work your way through it. Talk to hubby and see if you can find your peace.

Good luck hon.

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