Saturday, 24 March 2012

Sleep clinic

So, I talked with the sleep clinic yesterday. Turns out that they want me to come in to get the equipment so that I can be tested for sleep apnea. At least I don't have to do a complete overnight with them, however, I am pretty sure that I don't have sleep apnea. I have asked my husband who says that I have never stopped breathing or gasped for air in the six years we've been sharing a bed. I do have a long list of other sleep related issues: grinding teeth, restless legs, moaning, talking, sleepwalking, etc. But I rarely snore and I haven't been gasping for air... so I don't know why the need to test for sleep apnea. But, I'll go for the test. Maybe they'll find something else - or at least rule this out and start looking for something else. I was shocked that when I called she said they could get me in as soon as April 3! That's quick. I'm sure it will take time to get the results back, but at least the test will be done. I just hope that it won't be too miserable of a machine. Being a light sleeper, anything that is stuck to me or touching me makes me crazy when I sleep! The thought of having to use a machine permanently really worries me.



Lots of different types of machines-so don't worry about that too much. They could be starting with ruling out the most obvious sleep disturbances. I did not snore when I was slimmer but I think I probably always had the mechanism of sleep apnea in my brain (because of mom). Not all apnea moments are long or obvious to those with us. It registers in your brain though. I forget how many times I was "waking up" an hour though I never knew it. No wonder I wasn't getting enough rest or being able to dream,etc. As weird as it sounds because I am horrible about wearing it (it's a habit I have gotten out of), I sleep so much deeper and have more energy when I use the machines. I had planned to try to get in the habit again over Break but haven't tried because of the congestion (though the sleep docs tell me that's goofy).


I know that if I have apnea, the machines would help, but I also know myself. I can't sleep if the sheets are wrinkled by my feet, or my pajamas get pulled the wrong way, or my pillow is moved a bit to one side, or there is noise anywhere in the house. I once stayed at my uncle's house - his room was on the third floor and I was staying in the basement, and his apnea machine kept me awake all night. I finally went to sleep in my car. Ear plugs rarely help because they are uncomfortable. And, that's not even to mention the problem of having tubes and a mask on me all night. I had a 24 hour heart monitor on me at two different times and I got no sleep either time... wires etc, not good.

In the end, it doesn't really matter until I find out for sure that I have it, but I'm not sure that a machine would make it much better for me than what I'm dealing with now. Yes, I would love to be more rested, but it's not every day that I wake up feeling crappy.

I guess I'll just have to wait and see.


I understand your hesitation, but what if it helps tremendously? Best of luck. Try to have a open mind!

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