Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Mother of All Headaches

First of all, welcome to anyone who is here from ICLW - hope I'll be seeing more of you.

I woke up this morning with an instant headache! It hurt so much!! Just a generalized headache everywhere. Started out with a muscle relaxant thinking it might help. Two hours later popped some Tylenol. It managed to dull the headache for a while. That is until my 1:00 class decided that today was the day to violate all of my classroom rules and act like a bunch of orangutans. Seriously, they are usually so well behaved, but today it was insane. They even managed to convince me that I was short two handouts - which I believed - and I spent the next 7 minutes making two more handouts for them, only to get back to the room and discover that everyone had one. I snapped. Usually if I tell a class that I'm not feeling well, etc, they start acting better, but not today!

I wonder if the headaches are related to the Clomid still. Both cycles I have had headaches everyday while taking the pills. But I'm 5 days past the last pill. One would think it wouldn't be that. What about ovulation? Anyone else get headaches around the time of ovuation? I'm at a loss.

On the upside, our drama production for competition is coming along wonderfully. Some of the acting is phenomenal! We have one young woman who wanted to be part of it, and I gave her a rather large part thinking she would be OK at it. She is the best actor on the stage by far! She's amazing... body language, facial expressions, tone of voice... next to no coaching and she's got it! She's amazing. I told her that after practice and she started tearing up. She told me that I made her day... and you know what? That made my day.



Hi from ICLW (my first time:)! You'll be hearing more from me... I'm enjoying catching up on your TTC journey! I had headaches during my one horrid week of Clomid in December, but since that was my only experience with it (and we were at my MIL's house at the time, so the headache could totally have been because of her, I mean other things), not sure my input is too helpful. Best of luck!


Peg, honey, you are phenomenal!!! I have never left the U.S., but I would love to come see you at school and with the competition, etc. I'm sorry that you were feeling awful and the kids were acting like yahoos. Sometimes teens can be very considerate when we feel awful and sometimes it's like they are wild animals smelling fear and blood. I hope that today (Thursday) is better with the headache. I really do not remember much about the effects of clomid. Now if we were discussing the effects of progesterone? I could tell some stories. :-)


Stinking headaches, I hope it all clears up soon. Glad your show went so well.


I don't recall headaches while on clomid, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's the cause. I hope they go away soon!

Any good news from the OPKs yet?


I used to do musicals in high school I still think fondly about those times:) however, my choir teacher quit rich before my senior year and I am still sad about missing that "moment". He told me he was going to give me a lead in the next years show and it never happened. Its funny how you remember those things. I'm sure your student will remember this too:)

I get headaches but they are never really predictable. I know estrogen gives them to me sometimes and ovulation is peak E2 so that makes sense...

Mark and Amy

I always get headaches from Clomid. Hope you fee better !

Mrs Green Grass

My post today was about my horrible headache too! AND I'm a teacher. (My 1:00 class was pretty good today, probably because I decided to have them read longer than normal and then i read The Hunger Games to them.) I guess I was meant to click on your link today! (Here from ICLW.) I hope both of our headaches go away asap.

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