Saturday, 10 March 2012

March Photo Challenge - Days 7-9

So I've been away from my computer for a few days - while I took pictures, I find that trying to post blogs from the app on my phone to be very difficult, so I am trying to catch up now.

March 7th - prompt: purple

I can't even take credit for this photo. I mean, I took it, but it was my husband who noticed it and pointed it out to me. He took one look and said "hey, isn't today's prompt purple?" So, it's a couch - big deal... well, here's the deal with it. This is the couch that sits in my OB/GYN's office. I was there on Thursday for my follow-up biopsy (more on that in another post). I have sat on that couch numerous times, waiting for what I hoped to be good news (never to get it). I have sat in the chair across from that couch numerous times watching women who were exploding with pregnancy or holding a new-born. I maintain that any office that is OB/GYN should be forced to have two waiting rooms. One of pregnant and new mothers, and one for the rest of us. It's so hard to sit and see them. On Thursday, there were five of us in the office -me and four very pregnant women. *sigh* So, here's purple...

March 8 - prompt: heal

A couple of weeks ago, I got the horrible death of a cold/flu. I was laid out for nearly an entire week - three days with a 102 degree fever! I started getting sick on Monday and wasn't able to do anything until the following Sunday. I felt better just in time for the week back to school (I should mention that the whole week that I was sick was my week off of school). When I'm sick like that, the only thing that I'm able to keep down is apple juice and arrowroot cookies. Apparently, right back to my toddler days, that's how it was. My mother would offer me different juices or crackers or toast, and I just wouldn't touch it. To this day, that's all that I can manage to keep down - or want to eat.

March 9 - prompt: soft

When I think soft, I think of one thing - my cat. He is incredibly soft - so fluffly! A few months ago, I bought a fluffly blanket to toss on the couch. Often it ends up bunched up on the end of the couch when we're not using it. Our younger cat loves soft stuff. He will find the softest thing and cuddle up to it. I came home one day a couple of months ago (yes I cheated and didn't take this on the 9th, but I figured it was the softest picture I could possibly get) and I found him and the blanket in a state of bliss. He was purring so hard that I could hear him the minute I walked into the room. All I wanted to do was grab him and hug him. We often refer to the blanket as the Mama-blanket because he is drawn to it and cuddles with it all the time - he will spend an hour straight just kneading at the blanket with his little eyes closed.



Oooh, your kitty looks so comfy. I wanna sleep like that wapped up in something soft. Great pics, and agree about differnt waiting rooms in OB office.


Yep, I totally agree with the two waiting rooms idea.

The pic of your cat is soooooo cute! I want to hug him, too!


This kitty is soooo cute! And I agree on OBGYN's needing a room for pregnant ladies and infertile ladies. It is just too painful sometimes. Sending you lots of good vibes for your self-monitored Clomid cycle!

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