Tuesday, 6 March 2012

March Photo Challenge - Day 6

Before I get to today's prompt, I wanted to follow up on yesterday's commute photo. I wanted to share today's commute as it was MUCH worse than yesterday. It took us twice as long as usual to get to work - snow-covered highways, snow drifts, blowing snow, falling snow, etc. Lots and lots of fun. Here is a picture of today's commute...

And now onto today...

Today's prompt - Challenge

Take a good look at this picture. As I snapped it, they both stopped what they were doing and looked at me... just prior to this, the kitty thunderdome was in full swing. The grey cat sits on the top and reaches down to grab at the bottom one. The bottom one reaches around the side to grab at the top one. They do this until one gives up and runs off... then the one who is left waits and starts to meow until the other comes back and it all starts again - I swear, they amuse themselves for hours this way. It is the major kitty challenge of our house. :)



I hate driving in that. Good thing this year hasn't been too bad. I think your cats like being photographed.

A Shadow of My Former Self

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment yesterday. I laughed out loud at your "kitty thunderdome" comparison. I absolutely adore Calicos and the top kitty has a gorgeous coat. They look like they are full of the ole "P & V" as my granny used to say!


yes, unfortunately for that calico (or tortie - we're really not positive what she is given that she was a rescue), she is half the weight of the other kitty. That top kitty we're pretty sure is part Maine Coon and is nearly 17 lbs! When he jumps the other kitty it's no contest who wins, but she sure makes it sound like she's the winner! lol


Awww, I love the kitty thunderdome picture. They both look as if they've been caught doing something naughty. :)


I am having kitty envy, both you and Bella have been showing off your gorgeous cats. My DH just wont budge on getting petted up (I know once we did he would love it though!)


Ah-ha! Someone else who has a snowy commute photo like me! I was starting to wonder if everyone in the photo challenge lived in the tropics and I was getting jealous. :)


This is adorable! I love that you call it the kitty thunderdome, too. So funny :)

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