Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I should be happy... right?

So I went to my GP today. She had called and asked me to come in for test results.

I've been feeling like crap lately. Soooo very tired. All the time! I'm always cold. I figured that it had to be one of three things: iron deficiency, B12 deficiency, or thyroid.

I figured these three things because I have past history of Iron and B12 anemias... quite badly too. So I routinely get them checked just to make sure. When they discovered the B12 anemia, my B12 was sitting at 12 when it should have been at least 700. It was nearly non-existent. It had never been tested - I don't make that mistake now.

I figured that thyroid was a good possibility because I am always cold, I can't seem to lose weight, my hair has thinned quite a bit over the past few years, and I'm exhausted... not to mention the whole IF thing.

So I go in to get the results and after a miserable hour of sitting next to a woman who had a toddler and a baby (it was the only empty chair when I came in), and getting hit repeatedly by the stroller that she refused to move from in front of my chair... I finally got in to see the doctor.

She informed me that all my blood tests came back perfect. Nothing was even close to too high or too low. Iron, B12, Thyroid, Liver Function, Kidney Function, Infections, Complete Blood Counts. All perfect. She said that she couldn't ask for a better result.

So, I'm completely healthy! So why am I so upset by all of this?? I actually broke down crying in her office. She's just so sweet that she held my hand and gave me a hug to make me feel better. She said that she gets how much I want this and that I just want answers.

I just wish she could have given me some. I guess I figured that it must be thyroid. Actually, the doctor said that she would have put money on it being thyroid too - she was shocked when she saw the results.

I'm so frustrated.

She is referring me to a sleep specialist however. I don't sleep - well, not well anyway. I'm a very light sleeper and have had sleep disorders (sleep walking, talking, etc) since I was a small child. I often talk in my sleep and I do this weird moaning most of the night. The first time my husband and I slept in the same bed he asked me in the morning what kind of X rated dream I was having. LOL. That's another thing - I rarely dream.. at least not that I remember. I don't see how I could dream when I wake up every half hour or so. So a sleep specialist should see me in about 3 months - so we'll see what comes of that.

Finally, the last thing... the reason she wanted to see me... my ankle. In December I tripped down the stairs and severely sprained my ankle. Or at least that's what I thought. It turns out that the bad sprain was actually a chip fracture. I never went to get it checked originally because I had sprained my ankle numerous times before and figured it wasn't worth the time to go all the way into the city for an xray to be told it was sprained. But apparently it was worse than a sprain. The bottom of the bone chipped and that's what the pain is all about. She said it should be feeling better by now. She also said that they would have told me to just do what I had done anyway - nothing could really be done for it anyway. So it wasn't a big deal that I didn't come in. She gave me a requistition for another xray to be done in June. She said if it hadn't healed up by then, she would refer me to an orthopedic surgeon because I would likely need surgery to correct it. She is assuming that there is some major ligament damage to go with the chip fracture.

Fun and games.

I just wish that I felt better about the results. :(



Sleep disorders can seriously screw with your health. If you've never had a sleep study, you need one. I wish you did not have to wait three months- one place where U.S. med system is pretty good. When I was referred for my sleep test, I was scheduled and tested within two weeks and that was trying to work around my teaching schedule (b/c center where I was sent was in the opposite direction of work). I have sleep apnea- relatively severe which was not a complete surprise to me. My mom used to scare the bejeebers out of me as a kid because we shared a room and she would just stop breathing. I would wake up on and off all night to make sure she was still alive. I go through spells when I use my machine consistently and feel pretty good; then I have my lazy butt times when I get out of the habit and start dragging myself back down. Tomorrow I am going to clean my machine again and try to get started back with it again- I always tell myself to practice what I preach. I hope you test sooner than three months and I hope they can offer some real help.


I'm glad you're getting the sleep issue addressed. Hopefully the sleep clinic can help you. Insomnia wreaks such havoc on the body (and mind!).

Sorry about the fracture. Ouch!


I want to say I'm sorry but of course I'm not sorry that you got good health results! But I know exactly how you feel about just wanting an answer. Sometimes I'd rather just know, even if it's a "bad" answer because then I can do something to fix it, you know?


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I am so sorry that you did not get the answers you are looking for, that must be very frustrating. But being in good health is good news, hopefully soon you'll be able to figure out everything else.

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