Thursday, 22 March 2012

Stupid sticks!

Still no positive OPK. I am 7days past the last Clomid pill. I know that they typically say that a person will ovulate between 5-9 days afterward. Has anyone ovulated later than that? I'm not doing the trigger this month since I'm kinda going against drs orders (well not against, but she didn't say to take the Clomid and I'm pretty sure if I would have asked her she would have told me not to). So without the trigger I wonder whether I will ovulate at all. I hope so, but the OPK just came back negative which means we kinda only have a couple more days... I think.

My CM seems to be playing along and my BBT plummeted this morning - as in down .4 degrees Celsius! That's a big jump. I assumed from that that I would get a positive OPK today. Sigh. Is it possible to still. Ovulate without a positive?

This TTC stuff is so confusing. I wish I was one of those people who doesn't know what OPK and BBT stand for.



It really is a foreign language until we jumped into it. I wish we didn't have to know it either. I never temped- me remembering to do something before I get up? yeah right- but when I took clomid, I don't remember it changing my OPK day. In fact, I just looked back and my OPK's were on CD 17 or CD18 each time.


what days were you on Clomid? I'm doing CD 3-7, some people do CD 5-9. Last time I had the tracking u/s on CD 11 and the trigger shot on CD 12 and ovulated on CD 13... that's why I'm a bit confused. But this time no trigger, so maybe it will take longer... who knows.


I know exactly what you mean. This was not a language I had any wish to learn or a country I had any desire to visit. Thank goodness the other inhabitants are so lovely, that is the only thing that gets me through.


A lot of women on my PCOS board have said that clomid delayed ovulation for them. Go figure. I always had the trigger, which made me ovulate WAY early, so I have no experience with just clomid.

How often are you testing? If it's only once per day, there's a possibility you could miss the surge. If all other signs are pointing toward ovulation (ie. cm) I'd be getting busy, just in case! ;)


Hi! I totally agree with wishing I didn't have to be one of the women who know what all of the acronyms mean! Our blogs match, LOL.


Mark and Amy

Good luck! I hope it will be soon!


I hate the struggle to figure out what the heck my body is doing! Right now I have no idea if I'm spotting or starting a new cycle. Bah. Best wishes this cycle!


I have no idea about ovulation without a positive. I hope you get a positive stick soon and an even better positive stick after that :). Best of luck!

ICLW #47


on 50 mg I ovulated 10 days after. I used that as an excuse to get bumped to 100 next time and it never went below day 9 (but i have issues that give me looong cycles)

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